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Don’t Touch My Algae, Bro

By March 12, 2016 April 15th, 2019 No Comments


  • As a complete protein, Spirulina, or algae, contains 12 times the amount of protein of an equivalent serving of meat.
  • According to research, Spirulina offers natural cancer protection and antioxidants thanks to the rich source of natural carotenoids, or beta carotene, and the manganese, zinc, copper, selenium and chromium it contains.

Remember that gross, slimy, green stuff found at the bottom of lakes that made you squeal like a little girl? Turns out, it’s pretty good for you. Well, not actually that algae but another type of blue-green algae known as Spirulina.

Protein Packed Powerhouse

As a complete protein, Spirulina contains 12 times the amount of protein of an equivalent serving of meat. Plus, as a replacement for fatty and cholesterol-rich meat or dairy products, Spirulina helps you get the protein you need without all that extra crap. For athletes, Spirulina also increases stamina and immunity levels as it builds muscle mass.

Free Radical Ninja

According to research, Spirulina offers natural cancer protection and antioxidants thanks to the rich source of natural carotenoids, or beta carotene, and the manganese, zinc, copper, selenium and chromium it contains. Another fun fact, Spirulina supplies ten times more beta carotene than carrots. In fact, Spirulina not only promotes healthy eyes and vision but it also helps to remove and fight free radicals and cell damaging molecules. By fighting these enemies, the nutrients in Spirulina helped reduce oral cancer in lab rats, which could provide a future medical breakthrough in cancer treatment.

Slash Blood Cholesterol

Spirulina also contains the ability to reduce bad cholesterol in the body, lower blood pressure and may help prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases, such as, arterial hardening and strokes. This one’s a no brainer if you can’t get enough of high-cholesterol foods like meaty steaks and juicy butter-drenched lobsters.

Healthy Digestion Without Eating Girly Yogurts

Similar to all those live-culture yogurt claims, Spirulina promotes a healthy digestion system and bowel function. Enjoy the same benefits of those girly yogurts without having to announce to the grocery store that you’re trying to get “regular” again. Let Spirulina fight the bad bacteria (think e-coli and Candida yeast) in your body while stimulating the beneficial bacteria, like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

For anyone low in iron, especially vegetarians and women, Spirulina is a must-have since each 10 grams of it generally supplies roughly 70% of your daily iron requirements. It has also has been used to fight malnutrition in poorer countries by helping the body absorb nutrients. This is especially powerful since the body loses its ability to absorb normal forms of food when it’s malnourished.

In addition to iron, Spirulina supplies a high amount of B-12, which is essential for healthy nerves and tissues as well as essential growth and cell regeneration.

Detoxifying Wound Healer

Spirulina also acts as a natural cleanser that eliminates mercury and other harmful toxins that are commonly ingested from sources such as tuna and other fish. In addition, Spirulina also aids in the wound healing department as well.

As a super-human super food, Spirulina should be added to your regimen and taken on a daily basis. It may not give you super-human strength but it will definitely help strengthen your immune system, tissues, cells, bowels, and so much more. Grab your own bottle today and don’t touch my algae, bro.

Organifi’s Green Juice – Gently Dried Superfood Mix

Contains Spirulina and other beneficial ingredients.

Everyone knows you should eat as many vegetables as you can handle.
But boy, is it hard. It takes forever to chew your way through five servings of vegetables.

When the juicer came along, I thought all our veggie-quota problems were solved. Just toss all your greens and an apple into a $500 machine and voila! Your daily veggies in a form you could just chug down and go.

Well, if you’ve ever juiced … you know it’s actually harder than just eating your veggies whole. To make a daily juicing routine really work, you have to have … A lot of money. “Juicing King” Drew Canole estimates it costs $5 to $10 per day for the organic vegetables you need. (That’s as much as $3,650 per year for juice!)

A lot of time to run to the grocery store every two days to get more veggies. An ideal location. It’s near impossible to find fresh, organic, unbruised veggies in the middle of winter in many parts of the U.S.

A lot of patience for cleaning, drying, peeling, chopping your veggies then feeding in one handful at a time so you don’t break your $500 juicer …

An affinity for wet grass … which really, unless you’re a gourmet chef, is what your juice always seems to taste like …

And a serious passion for cleaning juicers. (It can take a Sherpa up to an hour to clean his juicer! Who has time for that?)

It could be that time for to stop juicing… completely.

Replace it with something FAR better. Something which only takes 15 seconds… and only costs as little as $1.36 a day…

And, it’s absolutely delicious. (No wet grass here—only a sweet, minty, lemony cocktail of super-absorbent nutrition.)

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