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Easy Grocery List for the Health Conscious!

By July 19, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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So you arrive at your local grocery store and what do you see?

Oh snap, the blueberry muffins are ON SALE and the Little Debbie snack cakes are BOGO.

Don’t give in!

The biggest reasons for failed diets are

• convenience,
• temptation, and
• lack of knowledge.

Here is where I combat all three and lay it all down for you in one nice little list that will help you on your health road to success.

I’ve broken it down into FIVE (5) SECTIONS to make it…yes, even easier.

All items on the list below are good for you, practical, and will take the guess work out of a grocery trip which can sometimes be stressful or unsuccessful when not planned out accordingly.

1. Dairy:

• Unsweetened almond milk

Plain or vanilla, your choice, but opt for the unsweetened for less calories!

• Non-fat plain Greek yogurt

A versatile item that you can add many mix-ins to, can substitute for sour cream, or use in many baking recipes!

• Low-fat cottage cheese

A great snack and a natural source of casein, a slow digesting protein.

• Liquid egg whites

Because ain’t nobody got time for that! Takes the hassle out of cracking eggs and you’re getting nothing but the good stuff, baby!

2. Canned Goods:

• Low or no sodium black beans

Always good to have on hand as a side dish when you’re craving Mexican food!

• Yellow corn

See black beans reason above.

• Tomato sauce

For homemade pizzas on the flat-breads that I’m about to tell you to buy, also good on practically EVERYTHING.

Opt for a no sugar/salt added so you can control how much goes in!

3. Bread/Rice:

Flatout Flatbreads

AMAZING for pizzas, wraps, etc. Low in calories and contains protein!

• Brown rice Perfect side dish… in moderation!

4. Veggies:

• Zucchinis and squash

To be roasted with some olive oil and garlic powder until slightly browned makes for a perfect accompaniment to dinner!

• Mushrooms

Add to any meals to make more hearty. I prefer mine sautéed in an egg white omelet!

• Sweet potatoes

Again, a great side to any meal, and GOOD FOR YOU vitamins!

5. Protein:

• Lean ground turkey

For turkey burgers, stir fry’s, lettuce wraps, or just cooked and eaten with some veggies and tomato sauce…mmmm!!!)

• Chicken breast

A lot healthier than beef! Find a yummy Morningstar substitute if you’re veggie.

• Salmon

Get in those Omega 3’s and good fats! Now….get ready…get set….