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Eat My (Cycling) Shorts, Man!

By March 21, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Cycling shorts – they might look silly, but trust me (on the sunscreen and) on the need for them!

There are many different brands and types and price points for cycling shorts… plus you can use them in Indoor Cycling classes, too!

The industry leader is Pearl Izumi and while they’re making no financial rah-rah for me to tell you that, I will tell you this: the better the quality, the better the ride.

Oh… and make sure you go with BLACK cycling shorts… not red, and definitely not white.

I started riding when I signed up for a bike ride from Boston to New York in 1999 to raise money for AIDS charities. My Training Ride Leader suggested a road bike and, yes, cycling shorts.

I found out quickly what he was talking about:

• Protecting the goods/minimize chafing

• Saving potential reproduction opportunities

• Defend the family jewels

• Minimizing ouch ouch potential

You get the idea.

I have spent as little as $25 for a pair of cycling shorts… and as much as $120 as well.

The quality of the shorts is often in tandem (yeah, I just did that) with:

• Quality of inseam and chamois (see image below)

• Durability in multiple wash cycles, and

• Number of padded panels

Speaking of panels of padding, you can get a cheap pair that will have just one padded panel. The nicer ones will have four, five, sometimes even eight or more.

Yes, there’s a direct correlation between price and number of panels! More panels mean more movement of the shorts as you’re riding, and trust me, as someone who’s ridden over FIFTEEN THOUSAND MILES on my bike… go for the more panels if you can.

Here are three pairs that I recommend (including links to purchase through!):

1. For the ladies:

Pearl Izumi Women’s Attack Shorts, Black, Medium

2. For the budget conscious male (under $40!):

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest Cycling Short,Black,Large

3. The best bang for your male buck ($73):

Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Inrcool Shorts, Black, Large

Happy riding, and, again, go black on the cycling shorts.

Trust me on this one.

What is your preferred cycling short?