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Eat Your (Purple) Veggies

By November 15, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments
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Your local grocery likely has some old favorites in surprising new shades!

It’s not your mom’s veggie aisle anymore…

Used to be that carrots were orange, cauliflower was white, and sweet potatoes were pale yellow.

Now you can get all of these in purple – a fun way to get your veggies in!

1. Purple Cauliflower

The purple (as well as green and orange!) variant of cauliflower was developed relatively recently by scientists through selective breeding.

It tastes the same as regular white cauliflower, but will definitely add a splash of color to your plate!

You can enjoy them like you would regular white cauliflower –

• steamed,

• roasted,

• or raw.

Delicious and pretty!

2. Purple Carrots

Purple carrots, in contrast, are NOT a new development – they’re actually the oldest variety on record, first cultivated over 5000 years ago!

In fact, orange carrots are the newcomers – having only been developed in the 17th Dutch farmers seeking to celebrate the royal House of Orange.

Use the purple ones anywhere you’d use orange carrots, raw or cooked, however they may lose their color if you boil them. Roasting them with a drizzle of olive oil will bring out their inherent sweetness.

3. Purple Sweet Potatoes

The purple sweet potato variety (aka Okinawan sweet potato) comes from Japan and tends to be available late fall and through the winter into spring.

Yeah, you can roast them or bake them like regular sweet potatoes, but have you considered what a splash a purple sweet potato pie would make on the dessert table this holiday season??

In addition to being vibrant and splashy visually, all of these crazy purple veggies get their color from anthocyanins, which are known to be a powerful antioxidant and to have anti-inflammatory properties.