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Fantasize Your Way to an Amazing Body!

By March 3, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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I remember deliberately spending my entire high school statistics class thinking about the guy I was crushing on.

It didn’t help that he sat right next to me.

Unfortunately, while our relentless flirting made the class far more palatable, it neither correlated with nor caused better grades.

(Sorry – dorky statistics joke).

I nearly failed the class and had to enlist an outside tutor for help.

Side Note:

– I later took a college statistics class and received an A+ average,

– I worked as a private statistics tutor, and

– I went on to a decade-long career in the field of market research and analytics.

Okay, so lust isn’t a good academic motivator. However, it turns out it’s a fantastic fitness motivator.

Ask my buddy who lost nearly 100 pounds in an attempt to impress his crush.

The link between sex (or the prospect thereof) and exercise is well documented.

SHAPE Magazine reports that 62% of women say regular exercise gives them the confidence to be more adventurous in bed. For men, exercise increases testosterone, linked to a greater desire for sex. People who exercise report more and better sex.

So, try indulging those thoughts next time you’re lifting weights at the gym or pounding out that extra mile on the treadmill. Steal a glance at the hot guy/gal on the elliptical.

Compile a lusty playlist for your workout.

Imagine yourself looking the way you want to look in your mental scenario.

You just may find that motivation you need to reach your goals!