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Finding other tastes for the traditional Vodka Soda

By October 3, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

If you love going to cocktails and drinking spirits, perhaps you love the Vodka Soda. It’s a combination of a neutral drink combined with neutral soda and is perfect for anyone waist-conscious. However, if you are tired of this drink and want to give it a makeover, here are a few ways in which you can achieve that:

Choose a better quality vodka:

Your Vodka Soda deserves a better quality vodka, so go out and get one. Choose one that you can sip straight. Its subtle flavors can show up in a Vodka Soda. While some vodkas are fruity and sweet, others are spicy and flavored. Now, choose a citrus vodka or a homemade infusion, if you prefer.

Change your boring soda:

If your club soda is tasteless, opt for a subtly flavored craft soda. There are many brands on the shelves of stores, so you are going to have a great time choosing that one soda that will be a taste-changer for you.

Use liqueur to rinse your glass:

By rinsing your glass, we mean that you pour a small sip of liquor into an empty glass. Now, swirl it around so that the inside of the glass is well coated. Next, drink it up. This activity helps to prepare the glass with a little flavor that will not overwhelm your Vodka Soda.

Garnish with fresh fruit:

Set aside the much-used lime for garnishing and go in for fresh fruit with a little zing. You can use pineapple wedges or a wedge of grapefruit for a very special taste.

Alternatively, use herbs as a topping:

If you want some more aroma around your Vodka Soda, top it with a sprig of herbs. Mint is a good choice but you could also go for tarragon and tangerine or rosemary and a wedge of grapefruit wedge.

Use short glasses:

Your large glass will only make a watery mess of your Vodka Soda. Get the right size of glasses for the best taste of Vodka and Soda.

Ice it up:

You cannot enjoy this drink unless it is chilled. So, remember to lay out full sized cubes and fill up the glass to the brim.

Freeze it until use:

You can increase the taste of your delicious Vodka Soda by freezing your vodka. So, keep it chilled for as long as possible. Once you store it in a freezer, it will also become bubblier.

Choose smaller soda bottles:

Choose the 10-ounce soda bottles, which are ultra-carbonated.

Just a squeeze of lemon:

Squeeze out real and fresh lemon juice whenever you need it for that enhanced taste.

Add other flavors to your vodka:

Add a new flavor to your vodka to change its original taste. Do it by the process of infusion, where your vodka accepts other flavorsome ingredients. They could include chocolate or skittles.

Never imagine that your Vodka Soda will always remain so without any change. You can use your imagination or sense of taste to change things around and find that elusive new taste.