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Fit Bit and Tory Burch: Fashion & Fit!

By January 19, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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Do You, you know, FIT BIT?!?

You guys! I have some seriously exciting news for all my Fit Bit wearing peeps!

I personally have the Fit Bit Flex… it totally reminds me to get off my butt and move!

 I wear it on my wrist and have the multipack of silicone wristbands to wear… but… it’s not the most fashion forward item I own.

Let’s be real, it’s bulky and sorta blah. My least favorite part about my Fit Bit Flex is my lack of accessory options.

I need variety AND style in my life!

Lucky for us, designer and fashion extraordinaire, Tory Burch, is launching a line of accessories to hold your favorite fitness friend!

Excuse me while I burn a few calories doing my happy dance!

Now available for pre-order are several new products by said Tory Burch, including a chic gold metal bangle and a gold metal pendant necklace!

Both are super sleek and perfect for weekday work wear!

These two pieces are going to be a bit too pricey for my typical impulse buy (hello, Christmas list!), but Tory Burch is also making silicone bracelets similar to the original Fit Bit options. There are two stylish patterns that retail for a reasonable $38.00.

Not only are these new pieces a totally gorgeous and sneaky way to wear your Fit Bit, but I am hoping this will open a door and that other companies will take notice and start making accessories for the Fit Bit themselves!

Think of the possibilities!!

 Check out the full line, launching soon at and get moving in style!