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For Busy Executives ONLY – How To Improve Your Health and Become a Balanced Leader

By February 7, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Are you making these excuses?

I just don’t have time to exercise… I’m always on the road, and find it impossible to eat healthy… I’m just exhausted from all this work.

Don’t worry your not alone. These are the excuses that many business executives make. The problem is that many of you believe that your job is more important than anything else. Even your health? Your family?

What if I told you, that studies prove – people who work out regularly are more productive at work, miss less days of work, and have higher energy levels – which not only helps you, it in turn will boost company revenues.

Now that you know why there should be no excuses, let’s talk about how to eliminate them.

You’re Always Traveling

Executives like yourself are known to be quite the jet-setters. Traveling to meet clients, visiting offices across the country, attending board meetings, and even flying to corporate offices around the globe. Business travel can have major impacts on your psychological, social, and physical well-being.

Scientific studies have shown that frequent business travel, accelerates aging and increases your likelihood of suffering a stroke, heart attack, and deep-vein thrombosis. Not only are you at risk to this, but it may also lead you to a very unhealthy lifestyle, of poor dieting, lack of exercise, and excessive drinking.

The ramifications that traveling can have on your health should make it mandatory for you to do something about it.

Your best bet, is to get a personal trainer that can tailor a fitness and nutrition program, with your high-pressure role in mind. Someone who can hold you accountable, while you’re at home or on the road. Not a normal trainer, but a team of nutrition and fitness coaches who focus on C-level executives.

MetPro has these experts and a proven system to do this for you. Their team of specialists, guide you through a nutrition and fitness strategy that will fit your specific lifestyle needs.

They understand that popular diets fall short because they lack ongoing evaluation and individualization. The MetPro System takes a different approach. They provide you a system for “periodization” – step-by-step adjustments based on your results from one week to the next.

See the effect this system had for David, the CTO of Operative.

David’s Executive Transformation

“When I first started on my journey, I weighed in at 351lbs. While I lost a fair amount of weight over the past few years, I never found any real consistency and often experienced the dreaded “yo-yo” effect of dieting. I came to the realization that dieting just doesn’t work. Metpro is very different.”

David V. CTO, Operative

*Results may vary

With the help and accountabililty of MetPro, you can also live a healthier lifestyle, and see what impact it will have on your professional life. Not to mention the benefits it will have on your personal life.

Your Finding It To Hard To Eat Healthy

With a proper nutrition plan in place, you will see how easy it is to stay on track. Before you put this in place, you must understand how your body and metabolism work. This metabolic code has been cracked by MetPro.

MetPro performs a series of assessments, designed to uncover details about your personality, genetics, lifestyle, and metabolism. The system then identifies and places you into a unique diet phase. Your personal coach then customizes it, to fit your hectic lifestyle – providing you with meal options and support, while you’re traveling or conducting business.

With MetPro’s help, you will no longer believe that eating healthy is impossible.

It’s Time For You to Become a Balanced Leader

An executive with low-energy or high-stress is a problem for any company. This impacts their attention to detail and decision making. It also negatively impacts their family life, as work takes longer and uses up more energy, which could be saved for after hours.

These simple facts, should be enough for you to eat right and exercise. Also think of the impact you have on your employees. An overweight, disengaged executive, makes for fat, disengaged employees and managers – effecting the bottom line.

“John has a very busy business and personal life so he needed something that could easily be adapted to his lifestyle.”

John C. – *Results may vary

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve performance, boost energy levels, or just live a healthier lifestyle – having a team behind you like MetPro, may be the key to your success.

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