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From 22 Different Epilepsy Pills to Cannabils Oil the Story of 5 Year Old Jayden David

By March 1, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Photo Credit From Original Story: Natural News

This story begins when Jayden David was only 4 months old. At this time he started experiencing fits of vicious epileptic seizures from abnormal, excessive and synchronous neuronal activity in his brain.

Over the years doctors prescribed numerous drugs to suppress the symptoms. None of these prescriptions helped. Jayden was taking up to 22 prescription drugs daily, and experiencing up to 500 seizures in a single day.

With prescription drugs failing to help Jayden, his father searched for alternate means. He learned about cannabis oil and decided to give it a try. He started to apply the green extract directly into Jayden’s mouth. Miraculously the seizures stopped immediately on the first day.

Jayden has been able to eliminate all but 2 prescription drugs utilizing the CBD cannabis oil, and has regained control over his state of mind and physical well-being.

Did You Know That Cannabis Oil is Legal in All 50 States?

Cannabidiol also known as CBD, has been clinically validated to reduce nausea and vomiting, suppress seizure activity, combat psychosis disorders, as well as inflammatory disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, tumor and cancer cells, and anxiety and depression disorders.

If you want to try CBD or wish to learn more click here.