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From the Doc: The Forks In Our Roads

By March 11, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Being Present

Being present, living in the moment is often hard for me.

It is often difficult for me to put the stress of work or family or relationships aside while I do something else.

Or to put the past in the past, to leave the thoughts of a bad relationship there and not project it on a new one or…

to not anticipate failure when I have failed before.

The other difficulty I find is being able to take the good moments, the success, the good relationship, the positive experiences and project them and let them influence the present.

Why is the good feeling, the sense of accomplishment, the belief in the goodness of mankind, the belief in me and the world sometimes so hard to accomplish?

When I feel like this, I get stuck.

My diet goes out the door, my routine exercise habits come to a halt, my hobbies go by the way aside. And what does this accomplish? That only makes me feel worse, and less accomplished and happy.

When I am overcome with this feeling, It feels as if I am forced to act like this, as if I do not have a choice in the matter.


It’s All About Choices!

Every action we take is a choice.

• Some choices do come easier to us but those are not the ones who make us who or what we are.

Those are not the choices that shape who we want to be and our strength of character.

• The hard choices are the ones that are extremely challenging.

The beginning is always the hardest, the most challenging, and often it feels like it is an impossible feat.

• Failure will be there, you may not succeed each and every time… there will be challenges along the way.

Begin with the end in mind is a powerful mantra.

See what you would like the outcome to be, and then decide on the steps you need to follow to get there.

I choose to make a choice, I choose to focus on my accomplishments, my strengths, my success.

What are your choices?