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From The Doc: Weight Loss vs. High Cholesterol

By February 12, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Got High Cholesterol or know people who do?

The first line of treatment for high cholesterol is, yup, you guessed it:

Diet and exercise with the addition of +/- Omega 3 fish oil.

If no improvement is seen, the second line of treatment is:


About a year ago, a young couple in their mid- to late-thirties came to my office to get the results of their recent annual blood tests. As any good doctor does, I open my electronic medical records and check their old record. It had been 14 months since they came to see the doctor last (good sign of health) and they each lost between 30-40lbs.

I was impressed.

I check their old blood work, and everything is normal. I then check this year’s labs, and I am extremely surprised to see that both their cholesterol levels are above 300… normal is under 200.

Most of the time diet lowers cholesterol not the other way around.

“What happened,” I asked them?

Apparently this young couple decided to change their lifestyle and habits, they realized they were overweight, didn’t like it and decided to do something about it (great job!!!!).

They started exercising and went on a carb free/Protein rich diet. This diet included eating approximately five doubled yolk eggs with each meal. That is approximately 15 eggs a day, multiplied by the double yolk, gives us about 30.

Each yolk in an egg contains approximately 180 mg, the recommended cholesterol intake for a healthy person is 300mg a day. Approximately two eggs a day is considered adequate egg consumption, (egg whites contain no cholesterol).

My advice to this couple and to other people wanting to diet and exercise is:

• Use common sense.
• Be moderate in both your dieting and exercising.
• If you aren’t sure- ASK!
• Speak to a professional: Doctor, Nutritionist, Health Specialist, or Personal Trainer.
• Be knowledgeable: read books, articles, or Internet data.
• There are no shortcuts. If you do the work you will see the results.

Getting healthy and losing weight is a wonderful thing, and it is hard work. It is a goal worth achieving.

But the process also matters, it’s not just about getting to the goal it’s how you get there.