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From Vagina to Urethra to Kegel: Learning My Anatomy (at Age 32)

By February 9, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Okay, who else out there is completely hooked on Orange is the New Black?

I was recently binge-watching it on Netflix, and there was an episode called “A Whole Other Hole.” The running source of humor was that the (female) inmates had no idea that the vagina and urethra were separate holes, and at age 30, 40, and 50+ we’re clearly in need of an Anatomy textbook.

I’m 32 and have had two kids biologically, meaning it could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I’ve had sex at least twice.

Surely I was well above such naivety.

Which is why I have to make a very embarrassing confession: Until recently, Kegel exercises were still a mystery to me.

Oh, sure, I knew I was supposed to do them in preparation for childbirth, and again afterward to strengthen things back up that may have become, ahem, lax, but what I didn’t know was that they could turbocharge my sex life.

(Clearly having two children has interfered with my Cosmo-reading regimen.)

A girlfriend broached the subject one day matter-of-factly… and I pretended it was business as usual… then secretly went home to try my moves on my man.

WOW, were my efforts noticed and appreciated!

Want to try Kegels and see the difference they make to you and your partner during sex?

Try this:

Locate your Kegel muscles by trying to stop peeing once you’ve started. Then resume peeing. The muscles that control this action, are your Kegels.

Practice tightening and releasing them, holding for up to 5-10 seconds

Do sets of 15 three times a day. They just may be your best strategy for surviving that dreadful conference call. It can be our little secret although I exempt myself of liability for any weird Pavlovian love of conference calls you develop thereafter.

• Now try it during sex and during orgasm specifically.

Ladies and well, yes, gentlemen…

you’re welcome.

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