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Gain W8, Lose Weight!

By July 21, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

The W8FIT company was born out of a need for women in search of a more challenging workout. A personal trainer and aerobic instructor, Maya Kaminsky, noticed the need for more sleek weights, and went home that day and designed them. She started from very little and became a success, because she is passionate about women and their health.

Now, wearing weights on your wrists or around your waist has never looked very stylish, but they did their jobs. W8FIT has made wearing weights a fashion statement, while doing the job of toning you up. You even get the fun choice of black, purple, pink and the ever popular turquoise.

The wrist cuffs are made of tactel, a soft and flexible material. It stretches and fits like a glove, but is completely comfortable. So much that you won’t even feel it. The weights can be changed out very easily too, because we all know women love to change their minds!

You can strap on the cute wrist weights and head to your workout. The weights are so sleek that you can even wear them out to your mundane tasks of grocery-getting or kid-wrangling (sometimes those are one and the same). They add resistance to whatever you are doing, making your muscles work a little harder than they would normally. Bonus: You burn more calories too.

Another plus to all this wrist weight talk, is that it is very affordable. You can get the wrist cuffs for $35 (on sale, normally $42) and the two-pack of weights are five bucks a piece. The belt is a little more expensive at $52, but still very doable. Cut out a few of those Starbucks vanilla frappes for a month if you really can’t afford it.

Not only does W8FIT offer these revolutionary weights, they sell some very cool activewear too. We aren’t talking $55 tank tops (they do have those in a weighted version if you want to try them out) but very lightweight and stylish tanks for around $25. Not only will you be looking fit, but you’ll be looking pretty while doing it.

Perhaps the greatest thing about W8FIT, is that they support wonderful foundations. Every few months they donate 50% of sales to a cause in need. Currently they are supporting a charity that partners a person fighting cancer with someone who has beaten that same cancer. W8FIT is not only showing women that they want them fit, but they also want them to give back!

W8FIT is poised to become the next big thing in women’s fitness. And believe me, women need more affordable companies like this one to choose from. W8FIT is going places, and you can go with them. Just strap on those pretty wrist weights first.