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Get Fit to the Beat of Your Own Drum!

By July 18, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

If you have not heard of the “Pound” workout, don’t worry, you will, literally and figuratively. Pound, also known as Pound Rock It, is a fitness workout combining traditional fitness moves such as lunges, squats, isolated crunches (you get the picture) with cardio and resistance training using weighted drumsticks. Yes, you read that correctly, weighted drumsticks, also known as “RipStix”! This high energy workout gets your physique ripped and toned all while being a drumstick hero, sans the embarrassment you feel when you’ve been caught in your car waiting for the light to turn green.

Why “Pound“ It Out?

Where there are endorphins, you will likely always find enthusiasm, and in some cases fear, but it’s all love at a Pound fitness session. Conducted in a group setting, the workout has been proven to etch lean muscles using intervals of popular upbeat tempo songs from a variety of genres in which everyone pounds their “Ripstix” while keeping a heart rate that optimizes fat burn. “Pound” fit makes for a very loud, energy fueled, rhythmic workout proven to melt between 400-900 calories in a single workout according to the creators. In a 45 minute session, one will have cycled through more than 15,000 repetitions of drum beats and more than 70 body sculpting moves to shed unwanted pounds, and firm muscles you probably didn’t know existed.

If you’re looking to break out of the traditional workout, or are looking to add something cool to your group fitness activities, the “Pound” fitness concept may be something you can jam to. Check your local gym about classes, and don’t forget your earplugs!

Visit the Poundfit website and learn more about the pound workout by clicking here.