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Why Boxing may be the Perfect Class for you!

By admin May 3, 2019 July 29th, 2019 No Comments
Is Boxing Right For Me

Is Boxing Right For Me?

Whether you are looking for a workout that targets weight loss, builds muscle, gives you the best stress relief or you just want to work on your aerobic conditioning, nothing compares to boxing! Of course, physical activity in any form is better than sitting in bed or on your couch, however, not all forms of physical activity are created equal. If you’ve ever asked yourself, Is Boxing Right For Me? You may find the answers below!

Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports on your lungs, heart and muscles. If you can finish this hard workout, you’ll be rewarded with health benefits like, a longer life expectancy, less stress, less fat and more muscle. Who knew that boxing could be a life-saver.. literally?!

Fat Loss

I’m not sure if you’ve ever laid eyes on an avid boxer, but they are notoriously lean athletes. The reason that you’ll find these athletes with little fat is because boxing is a weight-class sport. Basically, you fight people who are around the same weight as you, so it benefits them to be in the lightest weight class possible.

Even without the need to be in the lightest weight class possible, boxers would be naturally lean. The reason for this; training like a boxer makes it possible to burn as many as 30 calories per minute. In just as little as 30 minutes of intense boxing, you could burn as many as 900 calories. It would take most people running on a treadmill well over an hour to burn 900 calories.

The benefits of losing fat are vast. To name a few, losing fat makes you healthier and less likely to suffer from chronic conditions, such as, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even joint pain. Not everyone needs to lose weight, however, if that is something you would like to work on, boxing is an excellent sport to help with that.


Muscle Gain

If muscle gain is the name of the game, it’s difficult to keep off muscle while boxing. Boxing is an explosive sport and when you are boxing, you quickly snap out a punch with all of the muscles of your lower and upper body, then retract it and move around. You are in constant movement and you’re pushing muscles to their maximum power and speed.

The natural exercise of boxing will help tone and build muscle without the need to use weights. Boxers need to create enough power to use their fists effectively. There are a plethora of benefits to having more muscle mass, such as, a longer life expectancy, helps prevent type 2 diabetes and of course we can’t forget the mental benefits like boosting your self-esteem. If you’re asking ‘Is Boxing Right For Me’ and muscle gain is something you’re looking for, the answer could be YES!


Aerobic Conditioning

If you’re ever watched a boxing match, you’ll likely remember how out of breath these boxers are during their one-minute rest between rounds. These athletes float around the ring covered in sweat. The reason being, boxing is such a physically high-demanding sport, especially on the heart and lungs.

All of that energy that comes along with throwing punch after punch is building your cardiovascular system over time and we all know that the better shape your heart and lungs are in, the healthier a person is overall. Your body will recover from stress more quickly and physical exertion will start to appear easier. You’ll even start to notice that your sleep begins to improve and you’ll be at less risk for heart attacks and strokes.


Stress Relief

While boxing may not appear to be all that calming, (I mean, gliding around the ring while trying to avoid your opponent getting the next punch or kick in seems incredibly stressful) training like a boxer is actually astoundingly calming.  Exercise in general, releases dopamine (the feel-good hormone), which has stress-relieving effects. However, boxing takes that stress relief to the next level by allowing you to punch and kick things and work off all of that pent up aggression that you have been feeling lately.

The best part is that while you get to release all of that aggression by punching boxing bags, you won’t actually hurt anyone in the process (yes, this is a bummer, I know!) Relieving stress lowers blood pressure and makes you feel happier and who doesn’t want to start or finish their day feeling better than they did before?


Equipment To Get Started

In order to get off to a great start, it is critical that you have the right equipment.  You could get lost looking at the thousands of brands, weights and styles of gloves alone, so we’ve provided guidance to help you make the right choices.   You will see plenty of choices on glove weight, from 8oz to 20oz, but 14oz or 16oz gloves are the way to start. These are designed for people hitting bags and doing light sparring, and provide the needed protection for these activities.

For those of you who are cost conscious, the gloves that are the best value are the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves.  

An upgrade in style and quality, but still well under $100, would be the Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves which use triple density foam for enhanced shock absorption and long-lasting hand protection.  

The top of the line glove we recommend, is the Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves, absolutely the best non-lace up gloves on the market…just ask Professional Boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao.

And remember, ALWAYS use hand wraps.  180 inch wraps allow you to exert more energy and burn more calories by providing further protection for your knuckles.    Fairtex Elastic Cotton Handwraps HW2-120 and 180″- Full Length Hand Wraps. are an excellent reasonably-priced wraps.  For the more serious participants, the  Meister Inner STRYK Gloves w/EliteGel for Boxing & MMA will do the trick.


Need some help wrapping your hands? Watch below:

Is Boxing Right For Me?

The answer  to ‘Is Boxing Right For Me’ may surprise you, as it often does for many. As with any exercise routine, always consult your physician first! Boxing is a great way to help you accomplish many of your fitness goals simultaneously. Give it a shot, don’t be afraid! You might just find you new favorite activity!