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Get Some Sets on the Beach!

By May 3, 2016 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

Summer is upon us which, in the words of the great Mike “The Situation,” means GTL baby! That’s gym, tan, laundry for those who missed the Jersey Shore era…

In an effort to always keep FIT simple, we designed a workout that combines the G & T (sorry, you’re on your own for laundry!) with minimal equipment needed.

A full-body conditioning workout using functional training to guarantee to burn major calories in the summer sun as well as tone muscles and all of that in about 20 minutes.

Modifications: adjust number of reps and speed based on your fitness level (i.e. beginner–> 10 reps of each in 20 min. vs. advanced–> 20 reps of each in 15 min).



  • Towel and/or mat
  • Kamagon Ball (or a combination of medicine ball + kettle bell)
  • Some good tunes
  • Sunscreen
  • LOTS of hydration!


  • 20 reps of each Heaven and Earth vertical then diagonal, rotations, circles and ball shake
  • One minute plank


  • 20 Reps Walking or stationary reaching lunges
  • 20 Reps Squat Press
  • 20 Reps Kamagon Burpees
  • 20 Reps One arm rows/ split leg stance
  • 20 Reps Kamagon pushups (plank modification)
  • 20 Reps High to low twists
  • 20 Reps Low to high lateral reaching lunges
  • 20 Reps Front lunge with twist
  • 20 Reps Kamagon ball swings
  • 20 Reps Supine straight leg ball crunches


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