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H2OHH! 7 Benefits (& 1 Danger) of Hydration

By July 20, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

What does it mean to be 70%… water?

It means:

• Dried up skin,
• lethargy,
• headaches,
• poor digestion and nutrient absorption,
• constipation,
• decreased performance in the gym and in the bedroom…

These are the scourge of dehydration… and the list goes on!

The problem is most of us get sleepy and reach for coffee, we drink alcohol, we ignore signs of thirst and become like parched deserts that have trouble absorbing water.

You might be chronically dehydrated and you don’t even know it.

Even better than eight 8oz glasses of water/day is half your bodyweight in ounces, and that’s if you’re not doing any serious exercise or dealing with extreme heat….

I just finished up a CrossFit Endurance certification, and got a lot of good “intel” on hydration, among other things, check out their site at

I also got some good hydration info from

Here are 7 reasons to habitualize your water drinking…

…and 1 rare but dangerous condition to watch out for if you’re an extreme endurance athlete (marathons, long triathlons, ultra endurance races etc.).

1. Boost Your Energy!

Reach for your water bottle before you reach for that coffee cup, you’ll save some $ and get some other major positive side effects!

2. Decrease Pain & Inflammation

All the muscles and joints in your body use water to slide and glide, deprived they’ll be more irritable and painful, you can even reduce back pain.

3. Increase Fat Loss

You can be like a flowing stream(more water), or a stinky swamp(less water)

4. Look Better

Yup. Drinking water means less wrinkles and better muscle tone.

5. Prevent Acute and Chronic Disease

Everything from colon cancer, to the common cold can be better prevented with more H2O in the Body.

6. Improved Bladder & Kidney Health

Sometimes people don’t drink water because they have to pee, just drink water, pee, and be happy you don’t have a UTI, bladder, or kidney infection.

7. Reduce Stress

Being dehydrated will automatically put stress on your body and brain. Drink a big glass of water and breathe and watch the stress just flow away…

DANGER: Excessive Water Consumption

If you drink more than 1.5 gallons of water per day…

• You’re drinking TOO MUCH water without balancing your electrolytes
• This can put your body into a dangerous condition called Hyponatremia – which causes brain swelling and death if unchecked.

Saltstick is the best choice for endurance athletes for its potency. Plus, its electrolyte ratio is the equivalent to sweat!

Here are some QUICK STRATEGIES for hydration:

1. Use a Reusable Bottle!

Get and, yeah, USE a reusable water bottle, something hip and cool you like having around.

2. Take a Personal Water Audit!

Yup, audit your water intake.

If you’re not sure, just measure your intake for a day and see where you stand.

• Remember 1⁄2 your body weight in ounces is a good standard!

3. Set a Water Timer!

A timer, real or virtual, can help set up some good baselines:

• 30min before a meal,
• 30 min after, and
• before and after a workout.

Now Go Do It and make it part of your daily routine!