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Happiness is a Choice!

By December 3, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments


  • By being content with who you are, will bring about happiness in your life.
  • A positive mind is more capable of dealing with the rigors of a modern life.

For every second that you remain angry or frustrated, you lose a second of happiness. The secret to a happy and healthy life is choosing to be happy! And it basically means being content with who you are. If others find your true self to be irksome, then so be it. You can’t be expected to please everyone.

You Control Your State of Mind

The ability to admit your fears, to laugh even as you cry and to have the nerve to speak up as your voice shakes, all stem from a happier state of mind. And who is in control of one’s state of mind? You! Consider your physical and emotional state of mind when you feel genuinely happy. Your body is upright, you have a perpetual smile on your face and your mind contemplates only positive thoughts. While such a state of happiness is induced by variables outside your control, what if it were possible to recreate such an environment on a daily basis? That’s called happiness by choice.

How You Wake Up Governs How You Will Spend the Rest of the Day

A bad dream, a stressful morning, the anticipation of pressure (be it work related or personal) all contribute heavily to a glum morning. The secret to removing external influences on your morning is to smile the moment you awaken. We all flex our bodies, or crack our backs in an attempt to free up the muscles, but did you know that a smile needs all the muscles of the face to contort? So why not flex them out a bit! (It actually takes more facial muscles to frown rather than to smile!)

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

I’ll admit, the first few days are going to feel awkward smiling to the mirror, but with time, it will become second nature and before you know it, your instinctive early morning smile, will force your body to respond in a positive manner. Your mornings will become pleasant and blissful, regardless of what the day holds.

Positivity is the Key

A positive mind is better capable of dealing with the rigors of a modern life. But a negative mind will only create situations that further rob you of happiness. So keep that smile on your face as you complete the rest of your day regardless of what happens. Not only will you be happy, but you’ll also compel others to smile back at you and in turn provide them with a fleeting moment of self-satisfaction.

Happiness by choice isn’t through prosperity in one’s life, yoga or meditation. It is instead achieved through a constant practice of the positive mind, relaxed nature and a perpetual smile!