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Health and beauty benefits of Epsom salt

By October 21, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

There is a certain antiquity about Epsom salt, particularly being referred to in 17th and 18th century English literature. So, for it to still hold its sway amongst these days is, to say the least, remarkable. Today, it is used by beauty queens as much as by athletes and householders for a variety of reasons, chief among them being sports, health, beauty, outdoor gardening and household cleaning.

Originally made from mineral water, these days it is obtained from mining. It is a combination of magnesium and sulphate and is identified by its small and opaque crystals that resemble table salt. Broadly, it can be dependent on for health and beauty reasons, such as:

Health benefits of Epsom salt:

  1. Increases magnesium levels:The body needs a certain level of magnesium to remain in good health or a deficiency arises, known as hypomagnesaemia. It is caused by smoking, diarrhoea or malnutrition. You can increase your magnesium levels by soaking your feet in warm water and Epsom salt.

By reaching optimum levels of magnesium, your body can perform its bodily functions, muscle control and elimination of dangerous toxins. A deficiency of this mineral leads to stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, digestive problems and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  1. Treats constipation: Epsom salt works as a laxative that can get rid of constipation naturally. In this capacity, it increases water capacity in the intestines and cleanses the colon. It can be taken orally by mixing it with water.
  2. Optimizes blood sugar levels: By having healthy magnesium levels in the body, Epsom salt reduces one’s risk of diabetes. Magnesium and sulphate work to help the body produce and use insulin better, normalize blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of diabetes and increases energy levels.
  3. Lowers pain and inflammation: By adding Epsom salt to your bath, you can get relief from pain and inflammation. This makes it most effective for sore muscles, headaches and bronchial asthma. It also works well for healing cuts and reducing swellings that accompany bruises and sprains.

Beauty benefits of Epsom salt:

  1. Exfoliates the skin: Epsom salt works wonders on the skin in the triple roles of an exfoliator, a blackhead remover and facial cleanser. It provides just the right amount of abrasion for the face, leaving you with a clean and well-scrubbed feeling.
  2. Adds volume to your hair: If you have oily hair which bothers you, you can decrease the greasy feeling by adding Epsom salt to your shampoo and conditioner. It will help add body to your hair and give the impression of thick hair. If your scalp itches, get rid of the itch by making a paste of the salt with water and apply it to your scalp. Wash off after a while for best results.
  3. Smoothens rough skin: Make your own body scrub instead of investing in expensive ones from the market. Do this by combining two tablespoons of Epsom salt with body wash and massage it on all the rough parts of your body for smooth skin.

To conclude

Despite the market is overcrowded with superior products, Epsom salt has its own coveted position, both as a beauty aid and as a health product. This proves that its quality is undeniable.