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Here’s 5 EVEN MORE Fitness MYTHS!

By March 4, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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In case you thought you knew everything…

In case you thought I shared all the b.s. that I’d ever heard…


Here’s 5 EVEN MORE Fitness Myths!

1. If You’re Heavy, You’re Fat!


This is SO not true! Remember muscle and fat weigh the same!


Muscle is denser and takes up less space than fat, but they weigh the exact same.

A pound is a pound is a pound!

A smaller, more muscular person may weigh more than bigger person with more fat on their bodies. Anyone that starts a new weight training program will start to gain weight at the start.

Weight training stimulates the body to build lean muscle, which will increase metabolism, which increases your fat-burning rate, however, muscle also contains a lot of water.

• Our bodies are 70% water
• Muscle tissue is approximately 75% water
• When we lift weights, it causes inflammation, causing water retention.

So after a few weeks of training, you weigh yourself and see the numbers getting bigger, don’t freak out!

Keep calm, your body will start to melt the fat away, and you will look leaner in a few weeks, thanks to your new muscle growth.

2. Men Build Muscle, Women Tone.


Toning and building are two different words with the same meaning.

The end result is hypertrophy; an increase in size of skeletal muscle through the increase in cells.

• Females usually use the term tone because they are afraid to get big, but what they really want to be leaner with more muscle mass.

• Men want the same thing. Muscle is gained by stimulating muscle fibers to grow larger.

We all release growth hormone when weight training, but men grow more muscle because they have a lot more testosterone.

The bottom line is, men and women grow muscle the same way.

3. Carbs Are Bad.

NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. People are always surprised when I tell them I eat carbs, or they get upset when I scold them after they tell me that they don’t eat carbs.

• If you want muscle, your body requires carbs.
• If you omit them completely, your body may burn more fat initially, but you can’t keep it up for very long.
• Carbs are fuel needed for intense workouts.

Everyone should eat according to their goals, not hunger.

I suggest everyone chooses a MACRO plan that fits their fitness goals, not your best friend’s goals or gym buddy’s goals.

Your body needs a minimum amount of carbs to make sure the brain is functioning properly.

• The brain needs glucose to work.
• Glucose comes from carbs.

[Check out this article I wrote here regarding the difference in carbs!]

4. To Lose Weight, Cardio Until You Reach Weight; Then Start Lifting.


This myth makes me cringe!

If you listen to this myth, you will lose muscle mass!

Muscles help to keep your metabolism high. Weigh training doesn’t burn a ton of calories, however:

• the more lean mass you have,
• the higher your energy release will be.

If you focus on just cardio, your body will get rid of muscle mass and it will be that much harder to lose fat all together.

Thus, muscle helps burn fat!

Incorporate weigh training with cardio, and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

5. One Alcoholic Beverage Cheat Per Week Won’t Hurt You.


This is true only for people with no issues with getting and/or staying lean.

Alcohol inhibits fat burning, since it makes your liver work overtime detoxifying.

Also, we tend to eat the wrong things when we have had a drinky-poo or two!

What are some Fitness MYTHS that make you gasp, cringe, and laugh?!?