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How Many People Wanna Kick Some ASS?!?

By March 10, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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I DO! I DO! Any Stroke 9 fans out there? Anyone? No? Bueller? Anyways…

When people first meet me, I am confident that their first thought is, “Damn, this chick is intimidating.”


I don’t exactly have that “I can take you down” body structure/face/personality/anything and recently realized I wanted to feel more like an ass-kicker.

I decided to test the waters at Title Boxing Club and they did not disappoint!

I’ll admit I was completely afraid to go to classes at a Boxing Club.

I kept picturing scenes from Fight Club and had to remind myself I wasn’t walking into open combat.

Deep breath.

This is not the Hunger Games.

From the moment I walked in the door at Title Boxing Club I felt welcomed.

Everyone was incredibly friendly and helped me wrap my hands, made sure my gloves fit, and even took me through a step by step how-to of every punch and kick I would be doing during the class. If you have never been to a kick-boxing or boxing class – go early and ask about proper technique so you don’t feel lost during the class or worse – end up kicking your own ass with injuries!

After about 20 minutes of learning the right way to hit the massive 100lb punching bag, people starting filing in and the music was cranked to the max!

I was already hooked and we hadn’t even started the warm up.

The next hour was harder than I ever imagined. My husband and his friends watch UFC fights and Boxing matches and I used to think – how can these guys be tired after only 5 minutes?

I think I was tired after the first 5 seconds.

The hour class is around 15 minutes of a boot-camp style (hard) warm up, eight 3-minute rounds of kicking, punching, bobbing and weaving with a minute of optional rest (you can do a cardio or strength move with the trainer if you choose-but if you’re just starting out, REST!

I went to 4 classes before I felt like I could work during the “optional rest” minutes. The class “winds down” with ten or so minutes of core work, following by some much needed stretching.

I was throwing elbows, landing round-house kicks and feeling like a badass for the first time maybe ever. 

It was not easy and there were times that I had to stop and catch my breath, but even as hard as it was – I found myself wanting to push through, to keep punching! It was incredible!

I left feeling like I had really left it all with the punching bag.

It was a great aggression release and I felt like I had really earned my sweat-soaked t-shirt. I spent two weeks kicking butt with Title Boxing Club and each trainer was different!

I loved that they all brought something new to the class and I was constantly challenged.

If you’re looking for a high-intensity way to shake up your workout – try out a Boxing or Kickboxing class near you!

Title Boxing Club has locations across the country & they will take great care of you!

Get out there and KICK SOME ASS!