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How To Mentally Stimulate a Woman Out of Her Pants

By August 24, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments


  • Women need to be mentally turned on before they can be physically turned on.
  • Be sure to never stop dating your woman – no matter how long you have been together.
  • Help her out and listening to her, this will show her that you really care, and that you want her.

What does it take to get your woman out of her clothes and into bed with you?

It’s not easy and it’s certainly not guaranteed, even if you have been married for 20 years. Women need a little more than just seeing boobs to get going.

Women need physical foreplay as well as mental foreplay.

So much of sex for men, is about what you see and what you want, and for us women, it’s how you talk to us and how you treat us every day that is going to get us going. In case you haven’t learned this yet, women need to be mentally turned on before they can be physically turned on.

Women are not wired to switch gears from not turned on – to turned on in under 60 seconds.  We have so much going on that we have to mentally switch roles in our mind, and sometimes, that is simply too much work.  So it’s nice when our man knows us well enough to be able to switch those gears in our head for us.

This takes a man really knowing his woman, not a man trying to score a hookup. A hook up is about physical desire, and it’s only meant to happen once. Leave those alone. Sex is always better when you have trust and intimacy.

To be honest, women think about sex just as much if not more in some cases, as men do. However, the thing that men seem to miss in all of this, is, if the woman doesn’t feel safe and secure with her man, she is not going to relax during sex enough to really enjoy it.  The less she enjoys it, the less she will want to do it.

So, if you want more sex from your woman, keep reading because I am going to give you some insight.

What it takes to mentally stimulate a woman into bed.

1. We want you to want us.

Seriously. Even if we have been together for 10 years, when we walk into the room, we want for you to only see us. If we are out somewhere, we are going to show off a little, swing our hips more when we walk or laugh a little more than normal.

Why? Because we are just as primal as you men are.

We are trying to ignite your testosterone so it kicks in and says “that’s mine” so that you will come and get us!  If you aren’t responding to us in ways that show us you still want us physically, then we are not going to be very receptive to your advances.

So guys, no matter how long we have been together, never stop “dating” us.

2. We want to talk and we want you to listen.

I know, that sucks. Especially for men. Men are not “talkers” like us women are. We want to talk about everything.

Why? Because we have a lot going on and sometimes we need your help in organizing it all. We don’t want you to fix the problem, we just want you to listen and offer support.

If you are not listening to us then we are going to think that you are not interested in us as a person. Again, if you are not interested in us, then, in our minds, you do not want us.

Why does this matter? Because we want you to want us!

3. We are always judging everything you do on a sexual scale.

We are watching you as much as possible for those subtle signs that you want us. If you are helping us around the house, and listening to us when we talk about our friends, and generally showing a desire to be in our life, we will feel that you want us. The more you show us these subtle signs of desire for us, the more mentally tuned into you we are.

The more tuned into you that we are, the more we will want to take care of ALL your needs. This helps us to feel safe and secure with you. If we feel safe enough that when you get home we can attack you and it will be reciprocated, we will any time we can.

Why? Because it means you want us.

What’s the one thing that all of these have in common?

We want you to want us.

It comes down to being as simple as that.  If you ignore our texts, let your eyes glaze over when we talk, do not appreciate us, then we are seeing this as you not wanting us, and in turn, our pants will remain ON.

So if you want us to take our pants off, never stop dating us, listen to us, and show us your really care, and we’ll be sure to drop our pants.

And, the panties will come next!