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Improve Your Sex Stamina With This 1 Technique

By February 9, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: bigstock

I want you to try something, right now.

Sit down and relax into a comfortable position in your chair or on the floor, or wherever you might be.

Now place your left hand over your chest, then place your right hand over your stomach.

Now take 3-5 slow, relaxed, deep breaths. Notice which hand moves the most.

• Was it your left hand?

If so, then you haven’t yet developed the technique of proper breathing. As infants, our natural breathing pattern is through our bellies because that is where our diaphragm is located, but as we get older, we become conditioned to breathe into our chest, which, actually restricts the amount of air going into our lungs. Thus shortening our breathing, which can make catching our breath during certain cardiovascular exercises and even stamina during sex very challenging.

• Was it your right hand?

If so, then you’ve got it! This is a good indication that you’re breathing from the right place. Consciously try to breathe through your stomach instead of your chest and especially during sex, this will help you last longer, breathe better, and feel healthier throughout your day. You’ll train yourself to maintain that constant deep breathing during sex, but once you’re able to maintain that pattern, you’ll be less anxious and much more into the moment with your partner.

• So what if BOTH hands moved evenly?

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You could just be unconsciously trying to expand your rib cage in order to make room for more air. This isn’t necessary.

Focus more on controlling your breathing from your belly, and you’ll have the same, if not a better improvement with your breathing and stamina during sex.