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Improving Your SEX LIFE… With Exercise!

By January 26, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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Exercise does more than just keeps us looking and feeling great, it can also enhance your sex life at the same time!

There are many ways that exercise can turn the heat up your sex life, and this might just be the extra little motivation you need to boost your efforts while working out.

• Exercise Boots Testosterone Levels

A study at a well-known university showed that men’s testosterone levels were highest during 48 hours after they lifted weights. This is apparent as they are grunting and groaning during a training session. 😉

• Exercise Improves Your Stamina

The better shape you’re in, the longer you will last in bed. Your endurance increases, which will help sustain that energy level. It has also been proven that the erection of a fit male will last longer than the erection of a sedentary male. (BAM!)

• Exercise Improves Flexibility

Who wants to pull a muscle when trying a new sex position? Exercise and stretching further increases your ability to bend and fold your body into unexplored and exciting positions. You won’t strain yourself while getting more adventurous in the bedroom… or anywhere else for that matter.

TIP: Yoga and Pilates are great workouts to keep you limber.

• Exercise Helps Your Mood For The Better

Your body releases endorphins, AKA happy hormones, during exercise. This will relax your body, help you focus, and your breathing will be more consistent.

• Exercise Increases Your Blood Flow

The better your blood flow, the stronger the erection. Women’s arousal increases during a good sweat session due to the blood flow to the vagina. Just another reason to get that heart rate up and blood pumping!

So, the next time your partner asks you to hit the gym, before date night, make sure the answer is HECK YES!

It could lead to some great sexercise!