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Injured yourself? You can still exercise: Here’s how

By October 5, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

If staying fit is a big part of your life and you have just gone and messed it up by having an injury, you know how terrible it can be for you. You can now choose between being optimistic about the future or sulking. The former is always better as you begin to look forward to a bright tomorrow. Here are a few ways by which you can stay fit, though injured:

Concentrate on strength training:

Look for pain-free parts of your body and exercise them. Set manageable goals so that you meet your objectives. Continue to do strength training and endurance training, and running.

Can you do stretches?

Get in touch with a yoga instructor or a physiotherapist who can tell you which muscles you can stretch. By doing stretches regularly, your sore arms and shoulders, supported by crutches will get some relief. Your mind and body too will be refreshed. Stretches will also benefit you when you run once you begin to walk.

Eat a lot of nutritious food:

Any physical injury begs you to burn more calories than an individual who is not in the same circumstances as you. Your body needs energy for its healing, so increase your calorie intake. Eat green leafy veggies, sweet potatoes, yogurt and salmon, which help with physical healing and increase bone strength.

Rest enough:

Use all your spare time to sleep well. By sleeping, all you need to, you can prevent yourself from putting on weight, have no food cravings and be more energetic. If you have been pushing yourself too hard, this injury is a time for your body to rest.

Slow down:

Despite your injury, you are now strength training and stretching regularly. Even if you enjoy it, there may be times when you find yourself feeling uncomfortable and want to stop. At such times, either completely stop or slow down so that you do not injure yourself anymore. Your body will remain fit and you will progress on the way to health.

Speak to your doctor:

Discuss a fitness program with your doctor as he or she will tell you of specific things you must do.

Stay motivated:

You might find it very difficult to stick to a plan when you are terribly injured. This particularly if you watch your teammates having a good time. Now, do not let this get you down. Instead, keep trying for ways to keep your motivation levels up. Go exercising with a friend so that it is enjoyable, stimulating and regular, not to forget motivating.

Do low-impact exercises:

You might have injured a certain part of your body, but perhaps you can still do low-impact exercises like biking or swimming.

Live your dreams through others:

You may not be in a position to live your own dreams right now. But if you are a sportsman, for instance, you can help others by coaching or mentoring them so that they achieve their goals and are happy about it. So will you be.