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Judging Others LESS – Letting Sh*t Go

By February 7, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: lisathatcher

As a writer, I love people.

Often I catch myself watching strangers… wondering about their lives and writing little stories about them in my mind. (It’s not that creepy, ’cause I’m a girl.)

And more often than I care to admit, I’m silently judging them.

I actively strive to be kind to people on a daily basis and yet I still find myself thinking judgmental thoughts towards total strangers. Her haircut is weird, or his fanny pack is embarrassing.

It’s a terrible habit our society has created.

If you stop and think about it, we spend a lot of time judging people – most of whom we don’t even know and probably never will because we made some silly assumption about them over something insignificant, like their choice in sneaker or how they take their coffee.

Crazy, right?

And because we are holding judgment over others so harshly, we worry about how others are judging us! Or worse still, we are judging ourselves!

How many people are afraid to be themselves because they are afraid of what people will think?

It’s a continuous judgment train, and honestly, I want off!

It takes a ton of energy to dislike someone and I personally think that, the energy I have been wasting on judgment, is better used somewhere else. Can you imagine how liberating it would be to stop disliking someone you don’t even know because of how they act, or what they eat, say, think, or wear? When did society train us to think putting others down would boost our self-esteem up?

You can’t fly a kite with a lump of coal attached; it totally doesn’t work that way!

If you see someone wearing a crazy outfit don’t judge them for being strange, praise them for being so self-confident and unique. We need to stop letting other people define who we are and just focus on being our best selves.

We should all be lucky enough to wave our freak flag with pride!

So, Quit dragging that judgment ball and chain around. Let go of the weight that negativity brings and lift you and the people around you up with a kind and open heart instead.

Trust me, kindness looks good on everyone.