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Ladies: 7 Ways To LOOK 10 Lbs Lighter

By May 17, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

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Sometimes you just want to look a little slimmer, a little lighter.

Here are some strategies that can help!

1. Make sure your clothes fit well!

Loose and baggy clothing doesn’t make you look small, it makes you look sloppy!

Conversely, tops that are too tight call attention to the fact that you’ve outgrown your kit.

So make sure that whatever you’re wearing fits perfectly.

(And ladies, if you haven’t been fitted properly for a bra, that’s step zero – everything looks better over a good foundation!)

2. When shopping, train yourself not to look at the item’s size, but to only to assess the fit.

Size is just a number, fit is what makes you look your best!

If you’re trying to cram yourself into a smaller size because “that’s what you always wear”, you may come out looking like a stuffed sausage.

Here are some good general guidelines for a slimmer figure:

3. A heel will lengthen and elongate the form, so consider avoiding flats.

4. Stick to dark colors or a “column of color” effect.

5. No pleats on your bottom half (skirts or pants) – a clean line will lie smoothly but a pleat will puff out. Who needs that? A simple line, like a pencil skirt, will do wonders!

6. Cinch the smallest part of your waist, but use a wide belt, not a skinny one.

7. Aim for balance. If you have larger hips, wider trouser legs will balance that out better than skinnies.

Styled hair, impeccable makeup – draw the focus where you want it.

You can never go wrong with these!

Get out there and look fabulous!