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Lifestyles VS Lifestyle – Why Only One Lifestyle and Not Several Lifestyles?

By April 4, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Have you ever wonder why we keep talking about that perfect lifestyle? The one where you are able to be great at work, workout every day, be the best family member, be the best friend, be amazing at what you do, have the coolest hobbies, and we could just go on. You see this image of a perfect lifestyle on blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, basically everywhere.

When did the rule become one lifestyle and not several lifestyles?

We all live different lives, with a different history, different knowledge, different goals and different potential. It is now wrong to say that we are all equal, but we are still all so very different as well. Instead of one lifestyle there is plenty. Each and every one of us live in one that is unique and for years some have, despite this, kept looking over at the neighbors thinking that their lifestyle is better. Who is to say that the neighbor is not looking over at your garden thinking the same?

We see it in magazines, “how to have a healthy lifestyle”, we are triggered and we want to be what the magazine says, but what about you? Do you fit in to this lifestyle that is created as a template for “lifestyle-less” people? Why don’t we create lifestyles that fit in to each and every one of us? That unique lifestyle that makes you who you are and not what society wants you to be?

In other words we have become more and more focused on what we should do, look like, create and be like that we forget who we really are. What we are is a combination of several different lifestyles combined in what suits you and your mind. By changing this focus we may be more appreciative of what we already have and not strive to become something we are not meant to be. Do not misunderstand. You should work towards your goals and never believe that anything can stop you, but do not forget who you are along the way.

A smart person once said, “Everything in moderation”, and these words can be used for everything. Strolling through life with this in mind we will create a balance and a lifestyle that suits who we are, and not who society tells us to be.

Let yourself be inspired by what you see everyday and create your lifestyle from this.

Every good moment, what ever makes you happy and filled with joy. What ever inspire you to be the best part of you. With several small pieces from different lifestyles you will find your own.

How we chose to fill our days should not depend on what an Instagrammer did yesterday or what an online magazine posted recently. It should rather be a combination of parts of these Instagram posts or online articles that inspires you, and not what you feel that you have to do. Get inspired and make what inspires you part of your unique, personal, homemade, lifelong friend, named your lifestyle. By doing this every single one of us together creates several lifestyles and not just the one. Together we change the rule from lifestyle to lifestyles.

Do not become someone else’s lifestyle, be your own and we create several lifestyles. It comes from within and it starts with you. Become those parts of everything good that inspire you through out the day and you will see life in a whole new way. It is only you that can be you, so go be yourself and share everything good you have to offer.

Article Source: Articlesbase

Author: Sofie