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Links and Love: Healthy Recipes!

By January 23, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

There is always ONE demon that can derail a solid healthy streak for me, and his name is Boredom.

When I get bored, it’s bye-bye focus, hello sweat pants and take-out. Staying creative keeps my routine exciting and keeps good ‘ol Boredom off my back! Creativity in the kitchen is super important, and if I’m not excited about the food I am making, I’ll get bored and, well, you know…

Here are my three favorite food blogs and why I totally LOVE them!

Tiny Taster, aka Annia, is a pint-sized Orlando girl who knows good food! She comes up with amazing and colorful recipes that make me drool on my keyboard and get me excited to cook. She is super creative and brings a little Latin flair to her recipe box. Her recipes always have a great balance, and I have yet to make one that I didn’t love! Bonus points for Tiny because she also reviews yummy Orlando, FL restaurants, and she is a die-hard pug-lover like me! PUGS FOREVER!

Skinny Taste is run by Gina, who is a serious foodie with a visually beautiful site. She has a knack for taking dishes that I LOVE and making them in a healthier way without sacrificing taste! Sounds like a dream, right? She has a serious catalog of great recipes and even has great ideas for entertaining. One of my favorite parts of her site is the photography! Every picture is cookbook worthy, and I love the passion she has for her food and the community. Gina gets bonus points for including nutrition information AND calculating the Weight Watchers points for each of her recipes! HOORAY!

Skinny Mom is an amazing resource for recipes that are easy and delicious! Like Tiny Taster & Skinny Taste, the catalog of recipe choices is outstanding and well organized. When you decide on a recipe to view, the site will suggest other yummy ideas in the same family. I love this feature because some of the ingredients will cross over and thus nothing goes to waste! Every recipe leads to more yummy recipes – it’s like the circle of yummy life! Skinny Mom gets bonus points for always keeping the busy, want-it-all, be healthy Mom at the center of their focus. MOMS ROCK!