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Long Hair, Don’t Care: Does Biotin Really Help it Grow?

By December 7, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

Hey girl, I overheard you telling your friends that you hate how long it takes for your hair to grow back after your stylist inexplicably takes off three inches when you only wanted your dead ends trimmed, so I thought I’d take the time to find out whether those biotin supplements you take twice a day are really helping you grow long hair. Anecdotal evidence of biotin’s perceived potency as a hair restorative has piled up quickly, but how can we account for the fact that no real scientific evidence supports these claims? Is it all just a case of seeing the results you want to see? Well, yes and no. But either way, I think you look great with that accidental pixie/ bob hybrid.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is the name commonly used for Vitamin H, which is a perfect name, because it’s one of the B vitamins. Confusing designations aside, biotin, as well as the other B vitamins, play an important role in the conversion of macronutrients such as carbohydrates into glucose, our ready-to-use fuel source. Other known uses of the B vitamins are the metabolization of protein and fats, the proper functioning of the nervous system, and the upkeep of healthy hair, skin, eyes, and liver. It’s that last point that has kept so many people buzzing about the benefits of supplementing with biotin if they want lots of hair and fast.

Can Biotin Help My Hair Grow Longer, Faster?

The answer is, without a doubt, unequivocally, irrefutably, yes.

…but the problem is when the idea of supplemental biotin comes into play.

See, biotin is a very important vitamin which does, in part, govern the rate at which your hair grows, its thickness, luster, and sheen. Those who would truly benefit from a biotin supplement are those who already know that they have a biotin deficiency, caused either by being on intravenous nutrition, habitually taking anti-seizure medication or antibiotics, or have a disease like Crohn’s which make it difficult to absorb nutrients. If you don’t belong to one of these groups and your diet includes egg yolks, whole grains, nuts, legumes, or bananas, the odds are that your body is already getting as much biotin as it needs to keep your mane growing thick and full. Because of its water-soluble nature, getting “more than enough” is impossible. And thankfully, too, because that’s one less instance of vitamin toxicity you need be concerned with.

So, Could Supplementing with Biotin Make My Hair Grow Longer, Faster?

Unless you know for certain that you have a B vitamin deficiency, the odds of a biotin supplement sending your hair growth through the roof are slim. Hair takes time to grow, even when the person it’s growing on is healthy, and there is always the chance that limp or thinning hair can be a symptom of something that a B supplement can’t take care of. That said, if the idea of supplementing with biotin still intrigues you, go for it. No adverse effects have been documented with people supplementing with biotin or B vitamins, and while there are no reputable studies that can attest to its efficacy, that doesn’t stop people from using it. Sundown Naturals is a high-quality brand found in most any vitamin aisle and it won’t set you back too far in the name of experimentation, so go get yourself some and meet me back here for the coconut oil scalp massage.