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Maintain: #9 – OWN the Festive Eating Season!

By September 20, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments
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With the Holiday Festive Eating Season just around the corner, surviving parties without blowing a hole in your weight management routine is about to become a very necessary skill – autumn and winter mean lots of parties and lots of eating!

If I ate everything I wanted at all of the parties on my calendar from now through New Year’s Day, I’d have a lot of weight to lose come January.

If you’d rather skip the January weight loss resolutions you’ll need to have a plan.

Here Are Some Strategies For Limiting The Damage Done At Holiday Parties:

Don’t Go Hungry!

Eat before going to parties where you know there will be food. Fill up your stomach with supportive foods and you’ll be less likely to graze.

Get A Drink Into Your Hand ASAP Upon Arrival!

And you know I mean something without calories, like water, iced tea, coffee, diet soda, etc.

Sip it continually. Nobody has to know it’s not alcohol!

Do Something With Your Other Hand!

Hold a camera and take pictures, hold your sweetie’s hand, play with kids, pet the cat, tell a story.

Just find something to do with that hand that isn’t shoveling food into your mouth.

Stand Anywhere But By The Food Table.

Find a chair or stand in an area that doesn’t allow you to reach over and grab cookies all night.

If you can’t even see the food table from where you are that’s even better!

Remember There’s Nothing You Need On The Food Table.

You ate before you got here!

Chew Gum.

Keep your mouth occupied.

Arrive Late, Leave Early.

Reduce the amount of time you spend exposed to non-supportive food.

Those are my best strategies for non-meal parties.

Meals, like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners…

…take a little more effort but can be done by adding the following tip to those above:

• Take small portions, and fill the plate primarily with supportive options. 3⁄4 of the plate for fruits and veggies, and a quarter for lean protein is a pretty good goal.

• Avoid the urge for getting seconds, and share dessert (if you must have it) with your partner or another willing participant.

• Remember that this meal, while special, is merely a meal, and you can stop eating when you’re satisfied. And usually, lean meat is the main course, so building a plate full of lean meat and veggies is easily doable.

What did I miss?

How do you manage your intake while still engaging in an active social life?