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Make Your Playlist POWERFUL!

By January 19, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

I am not an expert runner. My stride is inconsistent, and my arms probably flail in an embarrassing way, but I am working on it! I really want to be someone who loves running. I’m not there yet – but apparently these things take time. Gearing up to run a long distance is intimidating and, anyone who runs at all, knows that your mental endurance is just as important as your physical endurance.

I have found that a carefully crafted playlist has some serious power behind it, and this knowledge has vastly improved my consistency.

Here’s how I did it.

While I was running, I made sure to mentally note my start time. Then, I looked at my watch whenever I was wavering mentally or felt myself slowing down on my pace. I kept track in my head how many minutes had passed when I started losing control of my mental strength and then noted again when I got myself back on track.

To start off, I paid attention to these times for a week and wrote it all down when I got home from my run.

I noticed that my first hiccup usually came 15 minutes in, so to fix my mental slip, I put a few REALLY good songs 15 minutes into my playlist (I figured songs are typically 3 minutes each, so songs # 6, 7 & 8 were my saviors). So while I am running and feeling like I might give up, those songs would play and boost me up!

Brilliant, right?!

I set my entire playlist up so the best songs I could find, would play during the times I noticed myself feeling weak.

The first time out with my new customized playlist, I was a running goddess! It was amazing!

I started feeling tired and then BAM, the best song EVER comes on and makes me forget all about my silly brain telling me to quit. This might not be as revolutionary as I think it is, but it has completely changed my running stamina and helped me push myself through my moments of mental weakness while running.