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Meal prep tips that can help you lose weight

By September 26, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

You are meticulous about the different aspects of your life–whether work, a vacation or a night out to dinner. So, why are you not just as meticulous at fixing your daily meals? After all, if you do prepare your meals well in advance for the entire week, you could inculcate better eating habits like including fruit and herbs, which could do wonders for your weight. Now, with a bit of advance information, you can easily prepare a week’s nutritious and healthful meals and snacks for the weekend without stressing yourself out.

To help you work it out well, here we offer you tips to make it easy for you: 

Buy crisp and fresh veggies:

When preparing advance meals, it is good to use crisp and fresh veggies. This way, you will not have to reheat them and kill their nutrients in the process. Else, you can undercook them so they are still nutritious after reheating. You can also preserve their nutrients by cooking them in the microwave for a few minutes so that they are not soggy when brought to the table.

Use meal prep to cut corners:

You can save on a lot of time by frozen lean cuisines, frozen chicken strips and frozen steamed veggies and adding them altogether to create a meal.

Mix and match your meal prep:

Think up a theme and team it up appropriately to keep boredom at bay. If you can put together batches of ingredients that go together, you can have the base ready for several types of cuisines. That is one way of fighting the boredom of regular cooking.

Do not cook entire meals in advance:

Getting meal-prep ready does not mean you cook whole meals ahead of time. After all, this can be overwhelming. Instead, do what might take up a lot of time when needed and get those ready. For instance, if you want to use tomato gravy for a baked dish, make it in advance and store it in the fridge. Alternatively, grilled chicken and use to top your main dish or toss it in a salad.

Cook freezer-friendly foods:

Perhaps you do not have the time to cook regularly. To make the best of the time you have, cook healthy meals that you can freeze easily and reheat later. Stews, lentil soup or even turkey balls fall under this heading very well. Once you have this ready, you can always have a home cooked meal instead of a takeout on busy evenings. To use the time well while your food is warming up, toss a salad of nutritious veggies so that you get all the fibre and vitamins your body needs.

Use fridge space economically:

Do not use up all your fridge space by using zillions of containers. Instead, make one item and store it in a large plastic bag or box and dole out small portions each time you want to have it. While cooking such dishes also help you save time, it is storing that is attractively space saving.

There are many ways you can prep your meals through the week without turning the pages of recipe books and wasting time. You only need to know what you can make ahead of time and have it ready when needed.