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Meditation: Why You Need It NOW

By January 12, 2018 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

Meditation has been in practice for thousands of years and can greatly improve your overall well-being.

The physical act of quieting your mind is more powerful than you might think.  It is also the perfect way to “unplug” from technology and the business of our daily lives.

I worry more than any normal person should about things so far in the future and out of my control (what if my future kids do drugs!?) that my mind is exhausted by the end of each day.  Sound familiar? I thought so.

Meditation has helped so much with my ridiculous worrying.

Every morning, my husband leaves for work before 8am, and I have 45 uninterrupted minutes of time to myself.

No TV blaring, no cell phone ringing, and I meditate.  I go into our guest bedroom because it is the darkest in the morning, and I sit cross legged on the floor.

Keep a yoga mat handy and turn any spot into your perfect meditation space.

Typically I just try to remove all the cluttery junk out of my head and focus on my breathing for 15 minutes.  I don’t think about work, or laundry, or my mile long to-do list.  I think only of my breath coming in and going out. It is hard to do. REALLY hard. But once you get past the first two minutes of struggle, it is so blissful.

After I discovered the beauty of meditation, I started doing some research.

Meditation is amazing for you!  It can help you emotionally sort through a tough issue, help you focus on the present, and remove negativity from your life.

Medically, meditation can help with Anxiety, Depression, Blood Pressure and even Cancer!  Crazy, right?

I also found out that there are a variety of meditation types and realized I was practicing Mindfulness Meditation without knowing it!

While I haven’t tested them out yet, I am excited to try Mantra Meditation – where you silently repeat a mantra in your mind to prevent distracting thoughts, and Tai Chi – which is an ancient form of Chinese Martial Arts that pairs postures and slow movements with deep breathing.  A friend of mine does Tai Chi and loves it and I never realized it was a method of meditation!  Sign me up!

Even if you only have five minutes to spare, Meditation can really help you throughout your day and life. In this busy world, it is so easy to focus on what needs to be done next that we can forget to pause and breathe and rest!