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Mirror Magic: Watch Yourself Workout!

By September 30, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments
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While it may sound like an act of vanity on paper (or computer screen…), working out while staring at yourself in the mirror can actually prove to be beneficial.

So, now, one sentence in to this post, you’re either thinking 1 of 2 things:

• SERIOUSLY? You’re trippin’, Mandi! … or…

• I’m intrigued…go on!

If you’re the first one… keep reading. If you’re the second one… well, you don’t need any more convincing!

My top reason of why working out in the mirror is beneficial is that it allows your to visually SEE your form and not just feel it.

For instance, when doing a something as simple as a squat, you should be driving through your heels on the uptake.

Watching what your feet do and where your weight shifts as you move can be key in adjusting your form to where it should be (for this instance, focusing on pushing through the heels and making sure your heels don’t come up from the ground).

Same goes for any exercise!

You’ve heard how the exercise SHOULD be performed, so now focus on the motion and look at your imbalances. It’s very possible (and also very normal, might I add) that one side of your body is slightly stronger than the other. Again, the mirror can help you identify the side or muscle that’s not pulling it’s weight (literally…).

Another reason is that you can SEE your growth!

It’s ok to look in the mirror and be proud of the progress you see!

It’s not only encouraging and motivating to keep on going, but it allows you to see what’s not working. Maybe your workouts are too consistently similar from week to week and it’s time to step it up….or, maybe you need to lower the amount of macros (or calories) per day to lose the extra % of body fat. The mirror tells no lies, my friend.

Watching yourself workout in the mirror can also introduce you to new exercises!

Even the slightest modification to your grip or stance can work a slightly different part of the muscle.

I encourage you to play around with small modifications to your movements, watch yourself, and see how it feels.

Having a mind-muscle connection is one thing, but watching this connection take place is another.

Next time you hit the gym, keep this in mind and locate the nearest mirror for those last reps…then…watch the magic happen.