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Motivation!! (Or The Lack Thereof!)

By March 3, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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I have short-term goals and long-term goals for my health, fitness and weight loss.

Goals: My Long-Term

I want to lose 30 lbs, gain muscle strength, increase my running capacity and eat healthier.

Goals: My Short-Term

I want to go to the gym today, take a run after work, and lose 5 lbs this month.

These goals are all reasonable and within my capabilities.

Many of these goals I have already reached in the past, but I find myself struggling to achieve them now. I have lost 30 lbs twice before, I have run a marathon and 2 half marathons before.

But these days it is harder for me to sustain the long-term motivation.

Why? Read on:

Last weekend I met a woman in her late 40s who told me she has run 40 marathons and is going to be running the NYC marathon in November.

Forty marathons!!!

That is an amazing achievement which requires tremendous amounts of motivation and commitment.

As I am speaking with her I think to myself:

Maybe she can help me find my motivation again, maybe I can learn something from her.

Shortly after starting the conversation she shares with me that she’s having trouble finding the motivation to run, which is something she LOVES doing.

For example: in the morning, she decides to run 12 miles but then while on the run she’s not in the mood and stops at 6. Or when her alarm rings for a 5am Sunday run, she turns over and turns it off.

This woman made me realize that I am just being normal, that there isn’t something wrong with me or that I am lacking because of this issue that I am having.

Quite the contrary: I share this dilemma with many, many people, and that too is comforting, because if this is a universal issue and is a struggle for most people, but there are people who achieve their fitness and health goals daily regardless, then I also have a chance of succeeding.

People motivate me and I in turn motivate them.

What motivates you?