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No Mo Fart in the Wind Fitness!

By February 8, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Think about it.

You’ve got real aspirations. You want to get

• stronger,
• tighter,
• more confident.

You want to look great and feel great.

You’ve got to deal with reality if you want to make real progress.

So you’ve got to ask yourself:

Is Your Fitness Routine “The FART” And Your Lifestyle “The WIND”?

The reality is, you are a reflection of your environment.

Unfortunately you live in a society built around

• sitting, and
• eating convenient,
• tasty foods.

You might get fired up and get a consistent fitness routine going. But you don’t realize that you sit to and from your work. You probably sit +/- 8 hours a day on the job.

You can’t out train your diet, and while you’re trying to build a healthy body and lifestyle, the food people are exploiting the hard-wired desires in your brain and your taste buds for delicious, sugary, fatty foods.

(And if you haven’t read Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser, you absolutely should!!)

We are stuck wondering why it’s hard to lose weight, or get in great shape with all of the effort we’ve been putting in.

But it can be done. You can do it.

• You’ve got to get habitual on this thing and turn the tides in your direction. • You’ve got to work a program that is progressive and consistent. • You’ve got to build momentum and set up conditions and structures to habitually support your goals and dreams of being fit, healthy and happy…

Or else…

You will be trapped, perpetually doing what the majority does…

Trying to work out while sitting for 12 hours a day and eating the wrong food…

Thus making your workout routine nothing more than…

Yup. A Fart in the Wind.

Are you ready to turn the corner? Have you already? I’d love to hear from you!