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Not Just for Little Girls Anymore… Meet Crossrope

By July 20, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

Jumping rope, you say? Isn’t that for nine year old girls? Not this set. In fact, your nine year old will probably stay far away from your tough looking ropes. For those serious about getting fit, the elite jump rope system from Crossrope is a great option. Cardio, speed, weight loss, and power are just a few of the things you’ll gain from this workout.

Here’s how it works. When you buy the jump rope system, you get seven different cables (or ropes) ranging in weights from 2 ounces to three pounds. You also receive two sets of weighted handles to attach to the cables for an endless combination of workouts. And ladies, you can pick the color of your handles to match your workout gear. Guys can too, if that’s their thing. Depending on the workout you want, you choose the weight of the cable you want. The lighter cables are best for speed and cardio training (or for people with toothpicks for arms like me). The heavier cables are for strength and conditioning (and those with Hulk-like muscles).

This is an easy system to pickup from the beginner level, and before you know it, you will look like a total badass; yes, just by jumping rope. You simply start light and move up. Crossrope is a full body workout. You don’t have to have a leg day, an arm day, or a cardio day. You can just have a jump rope day, everyday if you’d like to. What is happier than a jump rope day? Not much.

Now comes the part no one wants to mention: the price. The system runs $149, which is worth it to some considering its durability and versatility. If you are not into spending that much dough, there are cheaper options out there, although not as intense as this system. This will bring it all to the table, but you have to pay for it.

Crossrope 2.0 will take you places you’ve never been… or at least off the couch for a while. Take a chance on the rope, and before long you will be making all the middle school girls in the neighborhood jealous.