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One Million Pounds Lost: OKC Went On A Diet!

By January 20, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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Oklahoma City’s four-term Republican mayor, Mick Cornett, knew he had a problem on his hands when the city he was in charge of became known as

one of the most obese cities in the nation.

Falling into the obese range himself, Mick Cornett announced in 2012:

“This City is Going On a Diet.”

Yep, that’s right, their goal was to lose a million friggen pounds!

47,000 Oklahoma City residents joined forces to achieve the goal of losing 1 million pounds.

• The Mayor encouraged his residents to eat less fried foods and consume more fresh produce instead.

• This city-wide goal sparked the attention of local employers and businesses and it wasn’t long before the competition heated up.

• The CEO of Taco Bell even made the trip out to show Oklahoma City residents the delicious, low fat, “fresco” menu.

Although nutrition was a great place to start, Mick Cornett realized pretty quickly that there was much more that could be done. He soon figured out that Oklahoma City catered to a car-centered culture and that sidewalks and walking options were nowhere to be found.

Using proceeds from a penny tax, the city is in the process of building:

• a 70-acre park that links downtown to the Oklahoma River,
• a river kayaking facility,
• a senior wellness center, and
• hundreds of miles of running, walking and biking trails.

They’ve even taken steps to ensure that every grade school has a gym.

Since Oklahoma City was named “the worst walking city in the US” back in 2009, the city has made plans to narrow the downtown streets and add trees and sidewalks to make the area more inviting for walkers.

It’s pretty impressive that 47,000 residents were able to come together and burn off over 1 Million Pounds!

Do you think your city can beat this?