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Picking A Gym That Makes Cents

By September 20, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments
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Has it ever dawned on you that in these rough and uncertain economic times that all we really need for extra-curricular entertainment in the 21st century is…

a gym membership?

You read me right.

A quality 24hr access gym is like owning a golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory (Never mind the fact that your name is probable not Charlie).

Because of this reason, choosing the right gym to join is vital.

When I chose a gym I look for the 3 must haves before I’m willing to sign my automatic withdrawal life away.

The First Is Equipment

Does this gym have everything I need to continue my pursuit of aesthetic perfection?

If that answer is yes I quickly move to my second question.

Is It 24 Hours With A Sauna, Pool And Basketball Court?

(I know that’s like 4 questions but I’m trying to stay within 3 for the credibility of the article!!!)

I’ve got needs, you’ve got needs, enough said.

And last but certainly not least…

What Kind Of Talent Frequents This Location?

Talent is a term I use when describing the attractiveness of the preferred sex. I’m not a hound I assure you, but, like Kelly Rowland, I too need a little bit of motivation every now and again.

And there’s absolutely no greater motivating force than the occasional gym hottie paying you a compliment.

A smile is always good for 3 more reps… they could be watching.

So now that you’ve found this awesome gym, you can:

• stop trolling Facebook hoping to be invited out with the buddies from your private “World of WarCraft 80” group

Bored on a Friday night and you’ve already got your workout in? That’s fine.

• Go back and shoot some hoops.

Not much of a basketball player?

• Soak those sore muscles in the hot tub after a leisure swim in the pool.

Short on funds for the bar?

• For a fraction of the price, you could be sharing laughs with the local talent over a protein smoothie.

Now that’s smooth and you, you my friend are the smoothest and trendiest of them all.

Come Monday while your friends are counting the days until payday, you’ll be thinking about how for the low, low price of $25.99 you’ve successfully mapped out your month, and shed a pound or two doing it.