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Pizza… The Future Superfood

By September 19, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

It is a fact that junk food like pizzas and burgers affect the health of kids, who are mostly keen on gorging on these binge items at all times. They hardly know that when they eat pizzas, they consume 230 calories and 484 mg of sodium. Increased saturated fats, sodium and calories lead to heart problems and obesity, so highly prevalent among American kids.

Since these facts are known, they are also worrying to health care providers and nutritionists.

These professionals are now trying to use the popularity of these foods to infuse some good health in them so that kids and teens get to eat nutritious food rather than junk food. Not only will the resultant pizzas be highly nutritious but also by adding enough veggies and fruits, kids and teens can end up eating all the fruits and veggies they turn up their noses at.

Parents are all for this as pizzas will now mean wholesome food for the entire family. However, companies that are into nutritious food products are extending this idea to make baby formula, meal replacement shakes and protein bars not just nutritious but edible for medical reasons.

This notion of therapeutic nutrition has led such companies to believe that very soon, no one will need to be urged to eat superfoods like Brussels sprouts or broccoli because they can have it on their very own nutritious pizzas!!

Carrying the notion forward

What could such foods look like in the future? Will everything else be the same except some ingredients?

Proponents of this idea firmly believe that these foods could or may not differ in future but would be loaded with nutrients that they lack now. The idea has great scope. Consider for a moment that you could introduce your kids to healthy ice creams or healthful shakes.

Will they not want to gulp one every day after school?

Sure. That is why more and more nutrition-oriented companies are focusing on meal-replacement drinks and low-calorie protein-enhanced ice cream.

Filling up shakes and bars with nutrients

When it comes to food and choosing between taste and nutrition, people will always choose the former. This makes the task of creating food products with extra nutrition all the more difficult. A popular drink in this segment is Ensure that comes loaded with nutrients to those who are just out of surgery or are undernourished.

Introducing new eating habits can be tough

No matter what innovations the world throws up, the basic and best thing for us to do is to eat nutritious food in its best form–raw or cooked. Whether you choose to eat veggies for energy, or meat or whole grains, it should be a lifestyle habit rather than a fad.

However, if you haven’t been doing this till now, making it a habit for life might be a touch difficult, but not impossible.

By not incorporating healthy fruit into their diet, 76% of Americans opened their doors to serious diseases like heart problems and diabetes. Those with pre-diabetes can well get diabetes if left untreated.

While it might be very difficult for food scientists to get the perfect balance between taste and nutrition in all their food creations, it might still be a good idea to approach food directly and eat a diet rich in lean protein and veggies.

To the future… and Pizza as the new superfood!!!