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RUN NEKKKKED (Say What?!?)

By March 25, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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With running’s rise in popularity has come a slew of themed running events – some downright eccentric: zombie races, Krispy Kreme races, and cheese rolling races, to name a few.

So you knew it was only a matter of time before naked racing, ahem, emerged.

(There’s “Dating Naked”, so why not running naked?)

If you’re thinking, “How can I take part in this growing trend?” Worry no more – the Internet has you covered (or not). A list of nude runs worldwide can be found here: and feature various themes, with most taking place at nudist resorts or other private properties:

Beach sprints that are followed by “best buns” competitions

Paint-throwing naked runs

• A course through California’s Badlands called “The Bare Burro 5K” (Runners get to see wild burros in the hills along the way), which is followed with nude karaoke, shuffleboard, and horseshoe competitions, among other activities

• “Bare to Breakers“, run by demonstrators seeking to increase acceptance of public nudity

In Spain, a nude run to protest the Running of the Bulls and inhumane treatment of animals

Why run nude? Here are a few reasons for the unconvinced:

Return To Nature

Some runners speak of the feeling of liberation and connectedness that comes from being nude in a beautiful natural setting. Having taken part in a nude hot springs experience in Japan’s mountains, I can certainly vouch for this being a liberating and unique experience.

Expand Horizons

There’s a value that comes from moving beyond one’s comfort zones. Overcoming inhibition may foster courage in other areas of life: “If I have the courage to run nude, maybe I’ll finally be able to follow through with my dream to live in Europe/change jobs/pursue love.”

Revisit Childhood

What better way to recapture the wonder of childhood? I don’t think my kids are ever as happy as when they come out of the bath and get to run around the house naked.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Does running through the California badlands with clothes sound fun to you? Me neither.

Be More Aerodynamic

Not sure this is confirmed by science, but it sounds legit.

Increase Body Acceptance

The experience of viewing a true cross-section of body types arguably promotes a healthier body image.

When else would one have the opportunity to view such diversity?

Would you do it? Under what conditions? Why or why not?

Let me know!