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Sandbags Aren’t Just For Boys!

By July 19, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Once thought to only be used by the military, CrossFitters and strongmen competitors, sandbags are making a huge splash…. especially, it seems, with women!

Long gone are the days of the dirty black or camo green bag that wore its battle scars and rips proudly.

Today, friends, today we have pink bags with study plastic covered handles and yes they are getting the attention of the ladies who prefer a grittier workout along with those who like to match their bag to their shoes.

Why are these bags so popular?

• Their unstable nature makes them more of a challenge and certainly more fun that lifting a barbell.

• You can work your upper body with sandbag exercises such as the sandbag windmill and the sandbag clean and press… as well as your booty, quads, hammies and calves.

No girl’s workout should feel complete without a few good sandbag squats.

Throw that bag over your shoulders or hold it in front and drop that booty as low as you can go.

Yvette Salva demonstrates below a sandbag kickback.

Most gyms these days have a sandbag or two as part of their gym equipment and you may be able to find a few sandbags classes in your area.

But I feel any workout worth doing at the gym, you should be able to duplicate it at home for those days when you just don’t feel like matching your shoes to your sports bra.

Yeah, my laundry is a burden and if I don’t match it’s just not going to be a good day…

In all seriousness,

• the sandbag is cheap,
• you can shove it under the bed when you’re done with it, and
• best of all it gives you a killer workout by improving your stability, trunk and grip strength.

I have been using sandbags for many years and I really didn’t mind the fact that the sand dribbled out and got my pants a little dusty.

However with all these great new styles on the market with these sweet rubber grips, why would you tear up your hands with the hard fabric that the original versions have?

I mean, who is posting pics of their calloused hands on Instagram anymore?

Oh, yeah that would be me.

Well, I digress.

These are the bags that I would gladly have shoved under my bed in anticipation of a good squat session or brutal clean and press.

Ultimate Sandbag Training

In PINK, of course! Or perhaps…

Brute Force Sandbags!

I’d get it in Firefighter Red to match my hair…

tho I kinda dig the military look!

They also have a great one in pink but these one has the fabric handles so if you have delicate mitts check out the grip on the handles!

One More: The BodyRip Bag… This one ROCKS!

I love the design of this one from BodyRip because not only can your squat and press it, you can swing it from side to side for a great core exercise.

What sandbag works for you???

Happy Sandbagging!