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SoyLent Green Machine: One Shake, Per Day, All WOW

By January 12, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: Soylent

You may be familiar with protein shakes, but you’ve probably never seen one that compares to Soylent. If Superman lived among us, he would definitely be eating at least five of these bad boys a day.

As an alternative to traditional food, Soylent packs three meals a day into one gigantic shake. All you do, is, mix the powder with water and you’re set for the day. No, seriously. One shake. Three meals. No dishes to clean up.

You may be asking yourself how this is possible by now, and rightfully so. This isn’t the first time a meal replacement shake has hit the market. However, this isn’t your average Slim Fast. This is like the Hulk of all meal replacements.

The creators of Soylent have a background in engineering and developed Soylent to not only maximize nutrition but also “nourish the body in the most efficient way possible.” The goal of Soylent is not to replace food, rather it’s marketed as a better alternative to what we usually eat. The makers of Soylent want you to take the time you would normally spend eating, preparing and cleaning up your meals and turn it into something productive.

Your next question probably will be how well does it actually fill you up? According to Soylent, these shakes pack a complete days’ worth of nutrition and the macronutrients per dollar ratio is supposedly “unmatched.” Soylent is a great, convenient way to eat food without filling up on unhealthy, mystery meat products from fast food chains. The makers of Soylent claim that the body learns that this is a very nourishing substance and becomes full and satisfied.

Soylent is pretty badass. As an easy-to-transport solution, you can take it anywhere from hiking across the Andes mountains to using it for a busy work day when you can’t grab something in between all of those boring meetings of yours.