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Spring (your workout) Forward!

By March 18, 2016 April 15th, 2019 No Comments


  • Resolutions aren’t just for the New Year, make your Spring resolution TODAY
  • Check out one of our GYFT’d team member’s goals and the fitness gadgets he is most excited about this Spring
  • The rest is up to you…set goals, take action, and GET RESULTS!

Daniel’s Song Story Winter is leaving! I binge-watched my favorite shows, grew a beard, and rocked my stretchy sweatpants for a full week! Some said it couldn’t (and shouldn’t) be done, but I mastered the elements! Those of you in states that didn’t see temperatures south of 60 degrees, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT WINTER IS!! (Sorry, I digress…)

In that time I also gained some unwanted pounds. I never had a six pack, but my “spring resolution” is to get back to a comfortable weight. Like most people, I know what to do I’ve just been too lazy. That all changes this spring with setting goals, putting my new fitness gadgets to use, and getting off the damn couch! Who’s with me? *crowd cheers*

My Spring Goals:

  • Sign up for a 5K (for motivation)
  • Figure out quick, but effective workouts
  • Binge watch on the elliptical instead of the couch
  • Try something new
  • Reduce stress
  • Lose that hibernation weight
  • Have fun!

My Fav New Fitness Gadgets:

  1. Trigger Point Performance Massage Starter Set ($69.95)
    What’s the #1 reason I stop running after a few days? I’m glad you asked! I’m not a fan of aching feet and sore leg muscles and the day after a run usually results in me booking a massage. I thought the kit looked more like a pile of rejected toys than an answer to my aches and pains. As skeptical as I was, these bad boys soon became my best friends. As anyone with sore legs will tell you, it’s a lot easier to use the restroom when you can bend. Pick this kit up for less than half the cost of a massage and your legs (and bank account) will thank you.Set includes: 1 FootBaller, 1 Massage Ball, 1 Baller Block, and a How-To Guide.
  2. Trimr Duo Squared Hybrid Water + Shaker Bottle ($24.99)
    Maybe it’s just me, but my water bottle is a constant reminder to get my FIT together. It stares at me while I work, asking “so what are we doing at the gym tonight?” Besides being my gym buddy, it’s really cool (I need more friends). This bottle tackles whatever you throw at it and is easy to hold. The best part is the lid. Need a sip of water? Go with the straw. Did you just shake up a protein drink to chug? Flip that cap and chug to your heart’s content! I’m a big fan of multifunction tools. When it comes to water bottles, mine is my two-in-one sidekick. Bottle is dishwasher safe and comes with a straw and agitator.
  3. Natural Fitness Beginner Yoga Kit ($64.99)
    So obviously this one’s for my “try something new” goal. I have never considered yoga and the only “yogis” I know of are the cartoon bear and the baseball player. Then a friend told me about how yoga helped them reduce stress. I took my first class and realized two things: (1) I am 0% flexible and (2) I secretly enjoyed it! BTW, my “friend” is my doctor who knows I suffer from panic attacks and depression. So here’s the thing. Yoga isn’t a cure all. It’s just my way of relieving stress, trying something new, and getting my ass off the couch. This kit has all the basics for someone (like me) to try something new. Wish me luck!Set includes: non-slip yoga mat, two blocks and a yoga strap.

Now get out there and make those extra Winter LBs your b!*ch!