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Straight Talk: Being Ok With GIVE More Than GET

By March 3, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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As a natural bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, I find myself needing to dig deep and go the extra mile.

What I discovered is, sometimes everyone could use a pep talk.

With that in mind, I’ve learned to give them to myself.

They’ve been pretty helpful in my darkest hour. Hopefully, they will do for you what they’ve done for me.

Depending on how full your life is, there’s a chance that the end won’t justify the means. If I’m being honest, there is more that you give to the sport of bodybuilding than what it gives you.

The chances that you become the next Kai Green, Phil Heath or a fully sponsored athlete, is slim to none. This sport will never make you rich.

Fortunately, for me, I don’t do it for what I receive.

Because, to be frank, not being able to share cake and ice cream with my baby girls on their birthdays, not being able to enjoy a fucking movie out with the family or have a decent Sunday meal once or twice a month cannot be erased by 20 minutes of stage time and a couple sets of quarter turns hoping that the 5 judges like the package that I’m presenting to them.

While it causes me to be extremely selfish with my time and my focus, I do it because I’m a giver.

Bodybuilding is the ultimate taker. It takes your time. It takes your effort. It takes your heart and to be great, it takes your dedication and complete commitment.

You will never get back all that you will give up for this sport.

The secret is learning to be ok with that.

Is it really that different in any other sport… or life in general?!?