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Straight Talk Part 2: Your Fitness Attitude

By March 23, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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A few things that we ALL need to keep in mind:

• A bad attitude won’t burn fat or calories
• Complaining, griping or taking self-pity won’t build muscles

Contrary to what you’re facing today, you’re not facing it alone.

There are absolutely NO PROBLEMS unique to you as an individual.

Everybody has a mountain.

Some are larger than others, but your fucking mountain is your fucking mountain.

If you ever want to get to the top then get to fucking climbing.

I know that you’re sitting there reading this and you’re saying, “but JR you’re not at the top”.

Well, my reply is simple:

You’re damn right… that’s why I’m still climbing.

Some of you want sympathy, but as a competitor, I can’t handicap you by feeling sorry for you.

There is no sympathy. Only empathy.

Know the difference. When you go to purchase that Bentley you can’t negotiate a Ford Festiva price.

The same theory goes for our body.

It costs what it costs. Your price may be 24 weeks of training. The guy in the gym lifting next to you may only be 16 weeks of training. Mind your own business and stop counting other people’s money (a term used for those who spend time trying to figure out how much someone else can afford).

When we get off focus, we all need to look inside ourselves and pull the champion out. Sometimes pulling the champion out, takes compartmentalizing.

My situation is fucked up.

So what.

My car doesn’t work.

And your point is?

My trainer doesn’t encourage me.

Encourage yourself. Do you want a trainer or a cheerleader? Don’t look for your trainer to give you validation.

Look for the announcer to call you out when you’re walking on stage to grab that trophy.

That’s all the validation you’ll ever need.