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Strange (But True) Health Tips

By May 23, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

Every culture has its own health tips – apply this, do that, don’t do that! Here are a few strange but useful health tips amassed from around the world that must work (and if they don’t, go to a doctor!)

1. Use The First Stall In Public Restrooms

We all love our privacy a little too much. In fact, a survey found that the first stall of public restrooms tends to have the least bacterial presence and usually never runs out of toilet paper. So, the next time you visit the public restroom, use the first stall.

2. Black Pepper To Knife Cuts

Ever noticed how a knife cut bleeds endlessly until you stem the flow by applying pressure and washing the wound? Funny though, since a knife cut is supposedly a flesh wound (unless it was a battle knife and you were stabbed, in which case don’t use Black Pepper but rather go see a surgeon for stitches!) Black Pepper has antibacterial, analgesic and is an excellent coagulant, so apply it the next time you get a nick in the kitchen to quickly stem the bleeding.

3. Phantom Scratch

It is said that when you feel a scratch on one of your limbs, scratching the other limb at the exact same spot tends to satiate the desire. Try this the next time one of your limbs is in a cast and you feel the desperation to itch underneath.

4. Green Apple Keeps Claustrophobia At Bay

For those suffering from Claustrophobia, carry a green apple with you everywhere. The odor released by the apple’s skin has a soothing effect on the brain and works great when cramped up in an elevator or a room full of people and so on. In fact, it also helps when you sell your house!

5. Antibacterial Soap Isn’t Really All That Anti-anything

The verdict is in – antibacterial soaps and normal soap are one and the same as far as health and cleanliness goes. This is because antibacterial soaps may not even stop the spread of bacteria but on the flip-side can aid in the spread of virulent antibiotic resistant strains! But, don’t despair, antibacterial soap doesn’t cause any disease or infection.

There you have it, strange but true health tips for all. Hard to believe and yet they are anything but false.