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Strange Exercises For Getting a Great Workout

By March 26, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Are you into strange exercises? Do you know how to hula-hoop or juggle balls of fire? Or even burlesque dance perhaps?? Maybe you can swallow swords or fit yourself through a tennis racket, either way these are great hobbies to take up provided you dedicate yourself to the arts and get fit enough to take on the most deadly of shows! The first that can be of great benefit is dancing and the best thing is that all you need is yourself and music! Alternative shows tend to use fire and smoke, some themes, and most often rock music to put on a performance. Dancing is all about movement and preparation, learning moves and expressing emotion and feeling through dance.

It is a great way of working your body to its maximum and exercising every body part. Choosing various types of music will help you decide the tempo of movement, so you can work your body at whatever speed you like!

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is another form of dancing that you can often find in the alternative performance scene. You may think this is a strange exercise, but I have friends who do it and they have gained a lot of upper body strength. They have gained it using their arms to hold their body in a number of positions, carrying their body weight as well as their legs to do the same thing. Even the most technical of moves require inner strength to do and of course to achieve that, a lot of practice!

Hula Hooping, Poi and Juggling

These are great for a few things, including muscle memory and upper body work outs. From starting to learn the motions involved in Poi and Juggling all the way to gaining speed in the movements, you are working your body and helping it learn the moves, which in turn creates muscle memory. Part of this is also great for your brain, as it is training your brain to do the movements working alongside the physical movements you are creating! With any other art forms that are involved in the scene, there are always elements of practice and preparation involved to get you to a performing standard.

Continuous training will not only give your brain a work out but your body too. With all of this, you will gain an interest in a new hobby and hopefully create a new mind-set that will leave you feeling happy and energized and ready to tackle life in a new way! So now I have mentioned a few strange exercises; go out there and try them!