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Take Your Workout OLD SCHOOL!

By February 14, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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When I was in high school, aerobics, especially step aerobics was the popular form of exercise. I remember going to many classes and dancing away, enjoying every minute of it!

We stretched before and after class and drank plenty of water.

I clearly remember the instructors.

I remember them because they would teach the class, and by teach I do not mean just do the steps.

They also:

• Corrected posture,
• Taught about which muscles were being engaged, and
• Warned about overexertion they would comment on posture.

Overall they made sure the class was safe, and they took time to know who was taking the class and the limitations of the students.

• They always asked if anyone had an injury, and would work accordingly with those students who could not participate in certain movements.

• They would also gauge the fitness level, fatigue level, energy level of the class and structure it accordingly, so that both the strongest students felt that they got a good work out, and the weakest students felt that they could do their best.

So what happened?

Now we are in an era of what I call MEGA gyms and MEGA workouts.

They push you hard and push you to the maximum.

I have been to some of these classes, when only 2 or 3 people in a class can keep up with the intensity, and everyone else is doing their own thing since they can’t do what the instructor is doing. I have seen people push themselves to do 10, 20, 50 push-ups.

But no one ever shows them how to do a correct push-up, or a squat. The instructor is often an extremely fit man or woman who is “ripped” and appears to have no limitations in their workouts.

We know they can do these things, I mean they would not look like they do without the time and effort.

But most of us are not there yet, and even if we work out regularly and can keep up, we often lose sense of our posture, holds, and mechanics of exercising, and often doing it wrong over and over and over again can cause more damage than good.

Today when I look for a gym and a workout, I shy away from the MEGA places.

I am looking for the instructor, who will encourage me, support me, help me do better and for a gym that encourages that.

I am looking for a gym that knows that it’s not just the end result that counts but it’s the path you take to get there as well.

What are you looking for?